Willie Richardson interview with Anthony Brown on Straight Talk TV

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Straight Talk TV interviews  Oregon Black Pioneers president Willie Richardson

Anthony Brown of Straight Talk TV Portland, OR program on March 13th featured local filmographers, thinkers, rappers and the work being done by Oregon Black Pioneers under the direction of President Willie Richardson.

Willie highlighted the work being done by Oregon Black Pioneers since 1993. Through the group’s research, exhibits, lectures and presentations to schools, civic and business organizations, Oregonians are learning about the significant contributions African American’s have made throughout the state.

That thread encompasses at least 32 counties in Oregon. And smaller counties and historical societies are partnering with Oregon Black Pioneers to weave those threads  and the African American experience into their local museums and exhibits.

Families are the holders of stories, so viewers were invited to reach out via email or the website with their stories and artifacts so they can be preserved for future generations.

By telling the stories of African American’s throughout Oregon, the Oregon Black Pioneers continue to provide thought provoking history and reframe the telling of that history statewide.

Through learning about the past and the struggles faced across Oregon, future leaders and advocates for civil rights will have the background and knowledge to ask “what can I do?” to deepen understanding and conversation around important topics that impact the state and ALL of it’s citizens.

The organization will be celebrating  the 25th anniversary of the organization at the end of the  year.

Our thanks to Tony Brown for giving us the opportunity to educate the public about the African American experience statewide.





As a volunteer & former board member of Oregon Black Pioneers I support the organization with web and technical advice.