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Our Mission

Our vision is to be the premier resource for Oregon’s African American culture and heritage information. We aspire to preserve this largely unknown and rich heritage and culture through collections and programs that promote scholarly research and public use. We envision becoming a center for study of Oregon’s African American life, heritage and culture.

Our goal is to secure a place and forum in which this heritage can be shared with the greater public. Oregon Black Pioneers Corporation’s mission, also doing business as Oregon African American Museum Project (OBP/OAAMP), is to research, recognize and commemorate the culture and heritage of African Americans in the State of Oregon.

Programs, Research and Development

The programs of Oregon Black Pioneers form the core of the organization’s ability to carry out it’s mission of telling our story. Its components include: research and presentations to include oral, displays, exhibits and publishing.

Presentations and exhibits on Oregon’s Black history have been done in schools of all levels, historical organizations and museums, libraries, civic and social clubs, and state and federal organizations and institutions across the state. Please contact Gwen Carr,   to request our services. In 2015 the organization will open its third major exhibit at the Oregon History Museum in Portland.

Recent publications include: Perseverance: A History of African Americans In Oregon’s Marion and Polk Counties, published in 2011 and  African Americans of Portland published in 2013.