Fundraising Events

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The organization continues to hold annual fundraising events highlighting various aspects of black history and culture. These have included performances of notable works such as a one-woman presentation by award-winning author Velma Maia Thomas, who wrote No Man Can Hinder Me, and theatrical performances based on the book Crowns: Portraits of Black Women in Church Hats. These fundraisers, taking place at the Historic Elsinore Theater and Willamette University, have been very well received by the community. They have enabled the organization to fund over $25,000 in college scholarships for graduating high school seniors of African-American heritage and have contributed to the organization’s ongoing expenses.

“Discovering and documenting the history of the Oregon African Americans (pre and post statehood), which was basically lost, is now being uncovered by the ‘Oregon Northwest Black Pioneers’ board and advisors. With vigor and purpose the board has put permanence to that goal with the current major project being an Oregon African American museum in Salem to visually tell the story. Your support in providing information, artifacts, and financial contributions would be appreciated.”

Victor Atiyeh (Oregon Governor 1979-1987)