Kimberley Moreland

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Kimberly Stowers Moreland
Kimberly Stowers Moreland

Kimberley Moreland Vice President

Chair: Oregon African American Historical Places
Phone: 503-430-5347 (w) 503-380-1241(c)

Kimberly Stowers Moreland, MBA, MURP, has over 15 years of public sector urban and regional planning experience. She currently employed as Senior Project/Program Coordinator for the Portland Development Commission.

She has dedicated much of her free time to volunteer service within community-based social service, cultural and heritage nonprofit organizations. A devoted volunteer, her work was acknowledged in the March 1, 2015 issue of Portland Family Magazine article  “Helping Portland, One Nonprofit at a Time”.

She serves on the board of the Oregon Black Pioneers (OBP), the Bosco-Milligan/ Architectural Heritage Center and PAssinArt: A Theatre Company.

In January 2013, on behalf of the OBP, she authored a pictorial history book entitled, Images of America: African Americans of Portland.

Preservation is Kim’s passion. She has served the State of Oregon committee to Preserve African American Places and has authored numerous scholarly articles.

Kim was the chief force and planner for the 2015 African American Early Black Pioneers Heritage Tour  & 2016 “Back Roads to Black History” bus tour.

She is also the Chair and Exhibit Planner for the upcoming 2018 Racing to Change: Oregon’s Civil Rights Years at the Oregon Historical Society.