2019 Oregon Experience program features the stories of resilience and perseverance throughout the state of Oregon Black Pioneers

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Oregon’s Black Pioneers

Board volunteers Gwen Carr and Willie Richardson are among the guests who contributed to the Oregon Black Pioneers Oregon Experience aired on February 25, 2019. The program is a co-production of Oregon Public Broadcasting and The Oregon Historical Society.

Additional interviewees include Professor Emeritus Darrell Millner, Bob Zyback, Historical Ecologist, Janet Meranda, Author and Researcher, R. Gregory Nokes, Author/Historian, Walidah Imarisha, Educator and Writer and Patricia Benner, co-owner of the Gorman House.

This episode begins by focusing on the first recorded African American to arrive in Oregon in Tillamook in 1788, Markus Lopez. The story evolves to include the arrivals of African American throughout the state. The program features the discoveries made by Oregon Black Pioneers and statewide research being done to uncover the contributions and struggles faced statewide by African Americans and how they persevered.


As a volunteer & former board member of Oregon Black Pioneers I support the organization with web and technical advice.