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SAVE THE DATE 2018 Exhibit Racing to Change Oregon’s Civil Rights Years

Oregon Black Pioneer’s 2018 Exhibit at Oregon Historical Society, Racing To Change: Oregon’s Civil Rights Years

January 15- June 28, 2018

Racing to Change: Oregon’s Civil Rights Years is a groundbreaking exhibit and associated programs about the courage, struggle and progress of Oregon’s black residents during the civil rights movement in Oregon in the 1960’s and 1970’s. The exhibit will open at the Oregon Historical Society in 2018.


This interactive exhibit, will engage visitors of all ages and backgrounds as it traces how housing and employment discrimination practices affected Oregon’s black populations and spurred the civil rights movement in Oregon. Through personal photos and artifacts, text, and interactive experiences, Voices of the Unheard: Oregon’s Civil Rights Movement will illuminate Oregon’s vibrant black community during the civil rights era, amongst a larger cultural and legal context of discrimination and displacement. We also are planning six monthly programs to engage the community.


The exhibit will be on display at the Oregon History Museum January 15 – June 2018.

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